My 100 Days of Code Journey - (Writing this blog on the πŸ’―th Day)

My 100 Days of Code Journey - (Writing this blog on the πŸ’―th Day)


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About me

I'm the type of πŸ§‘πŸ» person that you can ask anything related to πŸ’» Computer Science and programming, and answer them by either sharing resources or sharing my thought process on it and if I don't know about it I say "I don't know this"

Either way, since I haven't seen anyone doing the 100 days of code challenge in my college/ or even in my friend circle. I decided to give it a try to the challenge (I have completed it 😁)


January 2022

Like everyone else, I also decided to make a new year πŸŽ‡ resolution, And that was to improve my problem-solving skills by learning DSA and solving problems

and I didn't do it 😭 (Started but didn't give my focus to it)


Feb 3rd (The day that changed everything πŸ’―)

Never had I given thought about making my Twitter active, during that day everything changed

I decided to tweet things

This was my first tweet...

Tweet by Alwin John.png

Yeah I know right? Action speaks more - (Read it from a book named Subtle Art of Not Giving a F ck

Then I made my commitment to the next day

**Feb 4th - The beginning **

I started the 100 days of code challenge and sharing on Twitter and on other Social Media

The support and cheerfulness of the people, friends, developers, and classmates truly made me carry this challenge. And I was ready


The next day my friends also joined in this challenge - My seniors also shared some tips, resources, and playlists

They are still continuing the challenge and new folks are also trying it out

Topics that I have learned are from the resources Given below:

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I chose Java Programming Language to learn DSA Topics and solve problems on Leetcode

The topics that I learned were according to the Leetcode 75 Questions

  • Arrays

  • Binary

  • Dynamic Programming

  • Graph

  • String

  • Linked List

  • Tree

  • Matrix

  • Heap

  • Trie

  • Interval

Each day's set of questions is solved on a particular topic - you can see it in my tweets

The only thing that I learned was to stay focused and observe each thing - Keeping consistency and not doing everything all at once

Prioritization is really important in whatever you do

It was hard, but I can say that it was really worth it, not only did I learn about DSA and problem-solving, but I also learned about other things as well in regarding Interview Preparations and how Hiring is actually done (That was the Googling part πŸ˜‚)


That's it, folks

Writing this was harder πŸ˜… than I thought it would be when I started writing it.

If you have read this far Kudos to you, I want to thank you for taking the time to actually read my journey


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